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[Post updated October 13th, 2017] … Ardor added

There’s a LOT going on in crypto right now, of course. Bitcoin just reached a new 1-year high yesterday, LTC has been hot (I called that one as undervalued a couple weeks ago), and new blockchain technologies are launching with ever-increasing frequency. I just added Ardor to this list, which is bringing “blockchain 2.0” technologies to crypto… but I’m wondering: why do we need another coin, and does this coin fill a need we NEED filled, or is this just another cool technology?

I’m working through a series of posts aggregating information about the top cryptocurrencies in an effort to better understand what makes each of them special, and which, if any, seem poised to continued and long-term growth.

Is Bitcoin the winner? Is Ethereum the clear choice? Why are people talking about IOTA? I aim to find out…

I’m not a cryptographer, a data scientist, or even a crypto trader. I’m an investor looking for ways to allocate capital in advance of coming industrial disruptions. And, to be sure, cryptocurrencies represent a broad spectrum of potential disruptions.

This list will be updated as I release new posts on additional cryptocurrencies, and the cryptos will be ordered by market cap, from largest to smallest.

Currently, the largest cryptocurrencies by market cap are:

(Last reordered October 2nd, 2017)

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum
  3. Ripple
  4. Bitcoin Cash
  5. Litecoin
  6. Dash
  7. NEM
  8. NEO
  9. IOTA
  10. Monero 
  11. Ethereum Classic
  12. BitConnect 
  13. OmiseGo
  14. Qtum
  15. Cardano
  16. Lisk
  17. Zcash
  18. Waves
  19. Tether
  20. Stratis
  21. Steem
  22. Ark
  23. Gas
  24. Kyber Network
  25. TenX
  26. EOS
  27. Basic Attention Token
  28. SALT
  29. Hshare
  30. Bytecoin 
  31. Komodo
  32. Augur
  33. Golem
  34. Stellar Lumens
  35. Walton
  36. BitShares
  37. MaidSafeCoin
  38. Ardor
  39. Decred
  40. Binance Coin
  41. Metal
  42. PIVX
  43. DigixDAO
  44. GameCredits
  45. Siacoin
  46. Factom
  47. DigiByte
  48. Iconomi
  49. Veritaseum
  50. ChainLink

CAMCrypto30 Index:

In tracking the performance cryptocurrency market as a whole, I find Crypto Asset Management’s (CAM) Crypto30 Index to be the most reliable. It tracks the 30 largest digital currencies by market cap, which markes sense considering the domination those top 30 have on the crypto space.

Below you’ll see the chart reflecting CAM Crypto30’s performance over the last 6 months: (last updated September 14, 2017)

Reference Market Caps:

  • August 22nd, 2017: the CAM Crypto30 Index stood at $674.11.
  • August 30th, 2017, the CAM Crypto30 Index was at $786.12.
  • September 14th, 2017, the CAM Crypto30 Index was at $551.36
  • September 26th, 2017, the CAM Crypto30 Index was at $682.00.

6-month Performance:

See below for articles on these innovative digital assets:

(listed in alphabetical order by Coin)

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ARK: The Google Of Blockchains

Augur: The Future of Forecasting, or Ancient Roman History?

Binance Coin: Binary Finance With A Focus On The Chain Of Chain Assets

A Giant-Sized History of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Cash: P2P Electronic Cash

BitConnect: A Self-Regulated Financial System Connecting Bitcoiners Worldwide

BitShares: “Now you can be hired by the Blockchain”

Bytecoin: Bytes or Bites?

Cardano: The HOT New Crypto That Accepts Its Social Nature

DASH: “Meet Digital Cash”

EOS: “Decentralize Everything”

Ethereum Delirium: The Big List of Things You Should Know

Ethereum Classic: Digital Platinum

Golem: Infrastructure-As-A-Service (IaaS) Meets Platform-As-A-Service (PaaS)

Hcash Hshare: The New Standard Of Crypto Value, Or An Unprecedented Technical Nightmare?

ICONOMI: A Digital Assets Management Platform For The Distributed Economy


Lisk: Changing The Way You DApp

Litecoin: The Silver to Bitcoin’s Gold

MaidSafeCoin: Introducing The New Decentralized Internet

Monero: The cryptic in crypto…

NEM: The biggest cryptocurrency you haven’t heard of

NEO: the “Future of Intelligent Economic Infrastructure”

OmiseGo: Unbanking the Banked with Ethereum Gamification

Qtum: Creating A Self-Aware Blockchain

RIALTO.AI: A Cryptocurrency Investment For Hedging Your Crypto Portfolio – Arbitrage, Market Making & AI TradeBots

The “RIPPLE Effect:” Internationalizing the Banking Industry

SiaCoin: Death Of The Data Center? Introducing Your DECENTRALIZED Private Cloud

What Makes Steem Think STEEM Has Steam? Where Gamification & Blockchain Meet Social Media

Stellar Lumens: Connecting Banks, Payment Systems, And People With Affordable Financial Services Via The Blockchain

Stratis: Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS)

TenX Is Connecting Blockchains With The TenX Wallet: “X” Marks The Spot, Or A Map To Nowhere?

Tether: Using Fiat Currencies On The Blockchain

Veritaseum: Using Blockchains & Smart Contracts to Create All-Inclusive P2P Capital Markets

Waltonchain’s Walton Coin Aims To Decentralize Supply Chains Around The World: Wanting Cash or Walking Crash? 

Waves: A Crypto Platform For Custom Tokens – Issuance, Transfer And Trading On The Blockchain

Zcash: Stash or Trash? “If Bitcoin is http for money, then Zcash is https”

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