4.5 Steps To Announcing Your ICO Bounty Program On Bitcointalk

I’m continuing my series on ICO Bounty Programs… 

Why? Because I’m getting asked LOTS of questions, and aggregating this data into a series of blog posts is the easiest way to direct conversation. As always, please consider this post as a live document and open to edits, additions and any other updates that help the reader. As such, I look forward to your messages and interactions!

I recently wrote, An ICO Primer: What Are Bounty Programs And How Do They Work, Types of Bounties For ICOs, And Who Are Those “Bounty Hunters”? , in which I addressed the following concerns:

  • What are bounties?
  • What are bounty programs?
  • Types of bounty programs
  • Pre-ICO bounties
  • Post-ICO bounties
  • Costs
  • What is a “bounty hunter”?

I followed-up this series on ICO bounty programs with a second post, 3.5 Steps To Making Your Official ICO Announcement On Bitcointalk, in which I discussed:

  • Creating your Bitcointalk account
  • Posting as a “Newbie”
  • Promotion to “Jr. Member”
  • Posting your ICO announcement [ANN]

Today my focus is on educating the ICO startup ecosystem on how to structure the announcement of a bounty program on Bitcointalk:

1. You’ll make a second post on Bitcointalk following your [ANN], with the purpose of announcing your bounty program. For example:

brianICO Bitcointalk Signature Campaign

2. Then, you’ll add some meat for the bounty hunters before describing your program.

–Note: the info below is from real ICO bounty programs, but I’ve changed the start-up name to brianICO.–

Campaign Period: Now until End of ICO

We need your help!

We want to hire you to get the word about out about the brianICO. We need you to make us look good by attaching our signature to meaningful, relevant posts — the kind you’d make as a serious member of this forum, even if you weren’t getting paid. The kind you’d like to read.

The structure of our campaign reflects our goal. We value your time and your effort and we intend to reward you accordingly. We will not reward campaign participants who make us look bad by random, meaningless posts. Participants who don’t contribute to the goal will be dismissed from the program without pay.

Qualifications to participate are detailed below.

3. General Terms:

List bounty program details not directly related to a specific program, such as when stakes or tokens are distributed.

General Terms :

  • Stakes will be distributed every week, on Saturday.
  • The first stake distribution will be XXXXXXXX.
  • We reserve the right to remove you from the campaign at any time if we think you are not honest, or spam the forum.
  • In case we remove you from the campaign for any reason, we reserve the right to delete your stakes.
  • We may not accept you in the campaign for any reason.
  • If your rank changes during the campaign, you must contact the campaign manager, XXXXX.
  • If you do not meet the minimum amount of posts, you will not receive any stake for the current week, but you will not be removed from the campaign.
  • Escrow:
    • Sign up for an account to receive the brianICO (BRAIN) payout you have earned for your participation.
    • Please allow 1 week after ICO completion for the amount due to be credited to your account.
    • When creating an account, please use the same email address you used at sign up for the signature campaign. Using the same email address ensures that we can easily and accurately identify and pay you in BRAIN for your participation.

4. Next, you’ll list the sections of your bounty program.

Always make sure your bounty program announcements are FULL of important links… bounty hunters hate having to fish around for data on your ICO, so make it easy for them to participate. The bounty program distribution levels listed are an example of an actual ICO bounty program. Personally, I’d lower the Bitcointalk signature campaign and raise the Twitter campaign… that way your Klout score will see the love.


  • Bitcointalk Signature campaign (50% distribution)
  • Article or blog post campaign (15% distribution)
  • Twitter campaign (12% distribution)
  • Video campaign (12% distribution)
  • Translation campaign (10% distribution)
  • Newsletter campaign (1% ; limited to 500 participants)


Step number 4.5 is to join me for the next post, where I detail the bounty programs above!

Thanks for reading!

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