ICO Bounty Programs: The Bitcointalk Signature Campaign

I’m continuing my series on ICO Bounty Programs… 

Why? Because I’m getting asked LOTS of questions, and aggregating this data into a series of blog posts is the easiest way to direct conversation. As always, please consider this post as a live document and open to edits, additions and any other updates that help the reader. As such, I look forward to your messages and interactions!

Here are the posts in the series so far:

Now we finally get to individual bounty program campaign details. The most confusing of all bounty programs is the signature campaign made famous on Bitcointalk. Let’s start there… As with my other ICO education posts, I’m pulling information from real ICOs and changing the name to brianICO. Ready to invest in my BRAIN token yet? 🙂

Bitcointalk Signature Campaigns:

What is Bitcointalk?

If you’re a cryptocurrency user, you’re probably familiar with the BitcoinTalk.org forum. If you’re new to the cryptoverse, the Bitcointalk forum is a great place to research Bitcoin and altcoins. Bitcointalk also serves as an online marketplace for crypto influencer marketing services, a place where users can earn Bitcoin or altcoins for their efforts.

Bitcointalk is probably the biggest bitcoin and cryptocurrency related discussion board out there. They are also very liberal when it comes to signatures and advertising. Many of their users make a consistent extra income by doing nothing but talking about bitcoins – simply having an ad in their forum signature makes them money, combined with a couple of good posts a day.

How do ranks work on Bitcointalk?

The throttle on how quickly members progressed up the ranks was introduced in 2013 in the following thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=178608.0

Here are the ranks:

  • You move up the ranks based on Activity which is defined as “Activity = min(time * 14, posts)” and “Maximum of 14 activity every 2 weeks.”
  • With time defined as “time = number of two-week periods in which you’ve posted since your registration”.
  • In other words your activity level increases by 14 every two weeks, as long as you have made 14 posts in that two week period. If you have made less than 14 posts, it will increase by the number of posts, and if you have made more than 14 posts, it will increase just by 14 in the two week period.
  • It should take just over four weeks to graduate from newbie to jr member, another four weeks to make member, and another eight weeks on top of that to make Full Member. As you can see it is a slow process.
  • You can speed up the process by buying an existing account, and of course there is a mini industry of people who go through the tedious process of creating and building accounts to sell on.

What is a signature campaign?

The process is that your rent your signature space. The advertiser pays you for every quality post you make into the forum. The higher your Bitcointalk rank, the more money you earn.

  • Signature campaigns are the simplest of ways to earn bitcoins or altcoins on BT (Bitcointalk).
  • Newbies or users with negative trust cannot participate in signature campaigns.
  • The minimum rank required is junior member (usually), qualification is being active on BitcoinTalk.
  • Once you have enrolled into a sig campaign, just do what you have been doing, posting and commenting, but this time you will get paid for each of your posts.
  • There are some legendary and hero members who are earning anywhere between 0.05 to 0.1 BTC per day from signature campaigns.
  • If you are a junior member then you will get about 7000 to 10000 satoshis per post based on the site you are promoting.
  • Usually, gambling sites have higher rates.
  • Keep in mind, you are getting paid to promote a site through your comments, but that does not give you the license to spam around.
  • Look at it as a form of advertisement without the need to create a fancy image.
  • By advertising a certain coin, service or platform in your forum signature, that message will be visible to anyone browsing the same topics as the ones you posted in.
  • This is also why all forum signatures require you to post a minimum number of posts on a daily/weekly/biweekly/monthly basis.
  • Depending on your user rank on the BitcoinTalk forums (Junior member, member, Senior member or Hero member) you are entitled to a different payout structure compared to other users.
  • You see the space under your post, that is the “signature space.”

Here’s an example of a signature campaign:

Some backlash against ICO signature campaigns on Bitcointalk:

ICOs are “too prevalent”, and the spam is getting crazy, causing moderators to become robotic and unfriendly. In my opinion, signature campaigns are a LOT of work for the visibility and ROI they provide. Focus your energy on Twitter and Twitter bounty programs instead. That said, if you’re running any sort of bounty program, you’d better be on Bitcointalk. This is THE place for Bounty Hunters.

Here are some words from senior Bitcointalk members on signature campaigns (I’ve left their names out on purpose):

  • “I personally would not like to see the campaigns started here as they seem to just create a whole heap of spam posts from members who are only posting for the weekly/monthly payouts.”
  • “There are always a lot of complaints on bitcointalk about people starting useless topics just for somewhere to post and earn a little extra BTC and we really don’t want this new forum to turn into another troll factory, this forum should be about the bitcoin community and a place to go when you just need a straight up answer for a problem you may be having.”
  • “I do like the idea of being able to earn a little extra BTC while posting but this should come as a reward for helping the community and not just for posting anything that may or may not help anyone, in other words trolls should not be rewarded for wasting peoples time.”
  • “I think that signature campaign encourage a lot of spammers around and there are many people using multiple accounts just to cheat and obtain more Bitcoin. And as you can see, they has messed up our forum and it will take us a long to time to clean up all of their mess.”
  • “[Signature campaigns are] A way for an advertiser to create an incentive for greedy people to fill the forum with thousands of posts of completely useless nonsense. Since the average greedy unknowledgeable user doesn’t have enough useful and well thought out things to say to meet the advertiser’s quota, they end up just spamming threads all over the forum with useless drivel. Several of the regular forum users have taken to blocking (using the “ignore” link) all users with a signature ad campaign in their signature. Therefore, by participating in such a campaign, you significantly increase the likelihood that helpful and knowledgeable users will never see anything that you post here.”

A couple good resources to continue the conversation:

  • The best thread on signature campaigns is the following updated thread, which lists all the campaigns and their criteria for joining: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=615953.0
  • Most signature campaigns on BTCTalk can be found in the Services section here.

Hope this helps and thanks for reading!

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