A Letter From Brian Colwell To The TraDove Community: Why I Left

The TraDove ICO … wow. Where to begin?

With the elephant in the room? Is TraDove a scam? The answer is no. TraDove is NOT a scam. It is a real company. However, were you to ask me do I BELIEVE in TraDove? Am I invested in TraDove? I’d now have to say no…

I was asked to help with TraDove’s social media towards the end of November, working Twitter and Facebook. I was excited to join because I saw huge opportunity. Yes, the marketing was terrible, but I had my foot in the door and was in the position to help turn things around.

Then, about a week ago, Kent asked me to be in charge of running the marketing for the ICO. I was stoked, but knew there was a ton to do and FUD coming our way… Kent hadn’t listened to me on postponing the pre-sale until the token was ready. I wanted to use Bancor for a trusted pay site and for creating an instant market, as I’d had a great experience with Bancor in the KWHCoin ICO, but we were way past that point now.

Now, it was all hands on deck. Kent put me in charge of hiring people, so I went for it. I got the bounty program started. I got a team and plan together for re-branding and reworking the entire website and SEO, for advertising and for marketing, with the goal to add clarity and eliminate FUD. I got help turned up on bitcointalk, telegram, reddit. I took to telegram, at that point already over 3,000 members, and asked the TraDove community: What do THEY want to see changed or improved? I wanted to listen to the investors and do what’s right for them, because without the community, there isn’t a cryptocurrency.

Know what they said? Beyond every issue the FUDers are raising about the TraDove ICO, it’s the STRUCTURE of the ICO that has investors worried. The #1 issue from the beginning? The hard cap. The community agreed that the following changes should be made to the TraDove token offering:

  • Cut the hard cap in half to $25million, with a $20mil pre-sale and a $5mil crowd sale.
  • Keep the bonus and token price the same.
  • Cut the number of tokens in half.
  • Another interesting suggestion was cancelling the crowd sale on top of that, and doing an air drop instead. “FOMO, yo.”

I brought this suggestion to Kent, and made a clear case for what this would do for both investors and the long-term value of the company. He said, “NO.”

If that were it, though, I wouldn’t be writing this letter or have lost faith in TraDove… I pleaded with Kent, “Kent, this is a BIG deal. We need to do this. We need to look at the other ICOs out there, and listen to the investors… THEY’RE our community.”

Kent’s response was, “FUCK the community.”

Long story short, that conversation didn’t end well… I’m an investor, and part of the community. If the community isn’t important, then what are we doing?

PLEASE feel free you follow-up with me and chat on this at this telegram channel: 

-Brian Colwell