The Galaxy eSolutions ICO: Preowned Electronics eCommerce Meets Blockchain

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I’ve been chatting with Yuen, the CEO of Galaxy eSolutions, for some time on the marketing of his company and upcoming ICO. If you’re a crypto investor that requires an existing ecosystem or MVP, look no further: GES has built an exciting eCommerce infrastructure and is a business with a mission, vision and the ability to execute. I’m excited to help market this ICO.

Here’s a video that describes the Galaxy eSolutions business… ignore the pre-sale data at the end, as Galaxy is already past it’s pre-sale.

Galaxy eSolutions: Preowned Electronics eCommerce Meets Blockchain

Who is Galaxy eSolutions?

  • Galaxy eSolutions Limited is a global eCommerce ecosystem with fast growth and real traction, reaching near 20M USD sales within its first year of operation.
  • Its vision is to fully integrate blockchain and evolve into a hybrid ecosystem with marketplace platform, so as to resolve the several pain points in the multi-billion pre-owned and refurbished electronics industry.
  • Galaxy eSolutions: eCommerce for refurbished and pre-owned smartphones and other consumer electronics, with marketplaces to buy and trade-in goods.
  • GES: “We source. We refurbish. We distribute.”
  • Based in Hong Kong, we operate in over 26 countries.
  • Our Mission:
    • To build a Pre-owned and Refurbished B2C/B2B eCommerce Ecosystem.
    • To become the market leader in this industry.
  • “Our Vision is to make the world more environmental friendly thru recycling and sharing economy.”

About Galaxy eSolutions:

  • Global Cross-border eCommerce Specialist
  • Incorporated in HK
  • Started in Dec 2016
  • Main Products now: Refurbished Apple phones, Refurbished DJI Drones, etc.
  • Overseas support office: Philippines, Europe, Australia
  • Total Staff: 55
  • No. of Country Markets: 26 (Europe, ANZ, NA, etc)
  • Planned Country Markets: over 50
  • No. of Current Websites: 4 main sites (Note: 30 if including subdomains which are localised with local languages, marketing and payment options)
  • Proprietary ERP system
  • Full eCommerce Solutions: Logistics, Fulfillment centre, payment gateway solutions, RMA support, e-Marketing

Core Metrics:

  • Average Order Value: 320USD
  • Stock Turn: 52
  • Cash Cycle Turn: 52
  • Note: The above metric simply suggests that with a working capital of say 5M USD, it will allow us to do 250M USD annual turnover.
  • The cash cycle turn will be improved very soon due to a new payment gateway agreement which will shorten the sales proceeds settlement from 7 days to 2~3 days.
  • Business Objectives:
    • To achieve clear profitability by end of 2018.
    • To exceed 1BN USD sales by 2022.
    • To reach a valuation of 300M USD by end of 2022.

GES Strategic Business Units: NDBD, Yabphones, Mobile Freak

  • Centralized Model (For B2C/F2C): NDBD and Yabphones
  • Decentralized model (For C2C, C2B, B2B): Mobile Freak


  • A B2C (Business-to-Consumer) site evolving to become a marketplace with approved suppliers.
  • Concept/Appeal: NDBD simply means No Difference, Big Difference (as in general usage and quality versus pricing).
  • Targeting general market and consumers that look for savings and yet wanted quality assurance.
  • A place where customers will find most professionally refurbished electronic products.
  • Now: Offering professionally refurbished Apple phones and DJI drones, etc
  • Future: Will offer more brands and other products, such as Samsung and Macbooks.
  • Remark: Would evolve eventually into a marketplace plus direct B2C hybrid site (like JD/Amazon). This would involve adding more brands, products and suppliers, as well as talents with marketplace establishment and management experiences.
  • Site:
  • Remarks: Over 30 subdomains which are locally translated and customized


  • A B2C and F2C (Factory-to-Consumer) site with own branding refurbished products.
  • Concept/Appeal: As the focus is on young people, such as tertiary students/fresh grads/ new job entrants, GES will rely more on social marketing such as Facebook, Youtube and others more than its other sites.
  • Now: Offering professionally refurbished Apple products, targeting at younger markets.
  • Future: Will focus solely on Apple products and penetrate such markets.
  • Remark: YABphones will only focus on its own refurbished Apple products so as to meet and exceed customer expectations and experience. It will also keep its range limited to Apple for focused marketing.

Mobile Freak:

  • A site to be built on blockchain to serve the C2C (Consumer-to-Consumer), C2B (Consumer-to-Business) and B2B (Business-to-Business) refurbished markets.
  • Concept/Appeal: Mobile Freak’s marketing slogan would be “Mobile Freak offers freaking good prices to buy your phones!”.
  • The site will list the phones it could purchase, and list the different conditions and relative offer pricing, and market it to consumers wishing to sell (either they have extra/unneeded phones or looking for an upgrade.
  • It will rely on online payment system and upon collecting the phones, they will be consolidated and send to Hong Kong for either reselling or refurbishment.
  • Due to the supply chain and location advantage, highest prices would be fetched and hence profits maximized.
  • We will also give maximum peace of minds to the consumers by safeguarding their privacy interest, and guarantee to erase all private info within the phone by using specific and professional software.
  • Now: Testing phase and site to be launched soon. Need funding to support full marketing, operation and working capitals.
  • Future: Will include an O2O part, which we set up mall carts/kiosks in shopping malls that we market the buy-back services (buy the phone on spot after inspection) while also marketing the NDBD range of products (if customer place orders, we dispatch from centralised warehouse in Hong Kong or in that country).
  • Remark: Aihuishou, a Chinese site doing similar business and concepts but only on domestic market, did 170M USD sales in 2017.

GES Competitive Advantages: Supply Chain, Logistics, Location, eCommerce Solutions

  • Supply Chain Advantage:
    • Furunzhi (Major stakeholder: ‘CNS’; With full management rights) is a licensed factory based in Shenzhen Yanian Bonded Zone China to refurbish Apple and Samsung products.
      • Its floor space is about 5,400QM and current capacity is up to 1000 pcs/day.
      • This factory has been certified as complying with ISO 9001 and 14001 standards.
      • CNS also has stakeholding interest of 45% in GES.
  • Logistics Advantage:
    • Cargo Services Far East has been established for over 27 years as one of the leading logistics providers with an overseas presence in more than 80 countries and more than 10,000 staff.
      • Cargo Far East is a stakeholder of GES, provides logistics solutions.
      • GES will be able to utilize Cargo Far East overseas warehouses for local fulfillment.
    • GES is glad to announce that it has formed strategic partnership with Dafzo, a decentralised global P2P logistics platform company.
  • Location Advantage:
    • Hong Kong is a duty-free port among major economies with low corporate tax system (16.5%) that brings competitive advantage to the business.
    • Hong Kong is a major trading hub for consumer electronics: Estimated 30% of all second hand phones are sold/auctioned off there.
    • To be near to Shenzhen, the Consumer Electronics Capital of China, is critical due to supply and logistical issues.
  • eCommerce Solutions Advantage:
    • Proprietary fully own developed ERP system built for eCommerce.
    • Linked with factory with live sales data and order details for optimal demand and production planning.
    • Product feed marketing which is synchronized with Google marketing avenues.
    • Cross-border logistic solutions, utilizing network of couriers and logistics service providers such as DHL, Toll, DPEX, Aramex.
    • Payment gateway solutions with major players to ensure fraud prevention while enjoying low rates and shorter cash cycles.

Why Blockchain? A Utility Token…

  • “We are to incorporate Blockchain onto one of our marketplaces, MobileFreak, to create a P2P model and ecosystem.”
  • “Blockchain will help us easily and quickly record details of goods, transactions, and logistics.”
  • Blockchain can resolve trust and credibility issues between parties, such as supplier quality, product grading and quality standards, authentication, and payment of goods and services.
  • Use of blockchain in our marketplace will reduce costs and transaction times.
  • GES: A Utility Token Used For…
    • For listings services (applicable on suppliers) and upgraded services (such as accreditation of verified and /or featured suppliers).
    • For GES services such as product refurbishment, inspection services (on goods quality) and to act as ship-on-hold logistic centre (giving greater peace of mind on trading than smart contracts).
    • The GES tokens can be used on GES sites for purchases, hence giving all GES Token purchasers a peace of mind and safeguard the interest.
  • GES will systematically buy GES Tokens on exchanges and “Burn” them.

GES Roadmap:

GES Sales & Numbers: 2017 – 2022

The Galaxy eSolutions Team:


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