An Equal-Weight Privacy Coin Index

In research and analysis, investors often compare privacy coins to Monero, the privacy + crypto industry standard. But there are a several privacy coins beyond Monero, with both very interesting roadmaps and active communities.

In thinking through the best way to compare privacy coins against one another, it occurred to me that, rather than using Monero as the standard (the choice because of largest market cap), we could equal-weight all interesting privacy coins in an index and compare select projects against that index performance.

My goal with this index isn’t to create another giant list of privacy coins… you can find those on reddit. Rather, my goal is to create an index that represents INNOVATION in privacytech.

An Equal-Weight Privacy Coin Index

Special thanks to everyone from CryptoTwitter for helping in the development of this index:

Notes: Privacy coin must have an active twitter page, be listed on coinmarketcap, have existed for at least 12 months, and actually be innovating in privacytech to be included in this index.

Index Components:

Links are to: -website- (CMC) @twitter

  1. Komodo (KMD@KomodoPlatform
  2. NavCoin (NAV@NavCoin 
  3. Particl (PART@ParticlProject
  4. PIVX (PIVX‎@_pivx
  5. ZCoin (XZC@zcoinofficial
  6. Monero (XMR) @monero
  7. Zcash (ZEC‎@zcashco
  8. ZenCash (ZEN@zencashofficial

Index Performance:

Note: click image below to view google spreadsheet.

PLEASE let me know if there are projects that need to be added to this index. Look forward to updates at least weekly as I track the Equal-Weight Privacy Coin Index against Bitcoin and other select cryptocurrencies.

Thanks for reading!

the Crypto Hobbit

Weekly Tracking Posts:

Please note that some of these posts were produced prior to the current version of the Equal-Weight Privacy Coin Index, so projects no longer in this index may be included as winners/losers.

[updated 7/28/2018 –> added Particl and Komodo on suggestion from getts and Florian. Chatted with Particl team]

[updated 7/17/2018 –>removed boolberry (not focused on privacy tech right now), removed hshare (not innovating privacy tech), removed crave (roadmap shows no privacy tech innovation, removed Kore (only Tor), removed MaidSafe (focused on data network, not privacy currency), removed Pura (went through whitepaper, not privacy tech focused), removed Safex (not a currency, but exchange focused), removed LuxCoin (coin mixing only, focused on dapps not privacy tech), removed Deviant Coin (focused on Dex, not privacy tech), removed Intense Coin (not focused on privacy tech), removed Stealthcoin (only Tor), removed Spectrecoin (not innovating privacy tech), removed Deep Onion (not innovating privacy tech), removed Shield (not innovating privacy tech), removed Tokenpay (not innovating privacy tech), removed Karbo (not innovating privacy tech), removed Groestlecoin (Tor and stealth addresses only), removed Cloakcoin (centralized mixers), removed Decred (privacy tech announced, but not revealed), removed Cloakcoin ) and, removed Bulwark (focused on end user privacy, not transaction privacy), removed Aeon (not innovating privacy tech,,,,,,]

[updated 7/14/2018 –> removed Innova as per @Tibor__: Removed $ODN as per @Tibor__: Removed Electroneum, Komodo, Enigma, AION as they are not privacy CURRENCIES. Removed Trezarcoin, DigitalNote and Bitcoin Private for index underperformance. Removed Dash and ColossusXT, as they are not privacytech focused. Removed Bytecoin as per @getsqt: and Removed Nullex as per @___MonkaS___: and a good note: Remove Nullex. Was a community takeover with people who had the vision/ability. The original GPU dev reappeared and it was planned as cooperation. One day, the GPU dev removed all new people from the new webpage and is now alone. I doubt he can develop the privacy tech/vision. INDEX NOW AT 26 CRYPTOCURRENCIES]

[updated 7/07/2018 –> removed Linda, Phore, and Solaris after interviewing –> they are not focused on privacy technologies, and are going a different direction, in their own words. Removed vTorrent, Hush, and Zerocoin for index underperformance. Index now at 39 cryptocurrencies]

[updated 7/01/2018 –> removed Anoncoin as per @reubenyap on Anoncoin’s linkability and tracking. Deleted Peepcoin, Dero, Masari, Vsync, Prime-XI, and Vertcoin for index underperformance, taking privacy coin index to 45 cryptocurrencies.]

[updated 6/24/2018 –> removed NavCoin and Particl for under performance relative to the privacy coin index.]

[updated 6/17/2018 –> removed Zoin –> performance relative to index indicated shitcoin status.]

[updated 6/10/2018 –> added DAPScoin on request.]

[updated 6/3/2018 –> removed PURE, SAGA, SUMO, and XLC –> performance relative to index indicates shitcoin status.]

[updated 5/31/2018 –> removed Xios (dead coin, no dev), XVG (hacks, not really private), ZClassic (dead twitter). note from @getsqt on the technical reason to remove Verge (XVG) from the privacy coin list –> “their privacy consists of tor+stealth addresses(though they were leaking IP addresses a while ago and their entire code base is just copy pasted together) anyways, the main point is, btc has both tor and stealth addresses, so there’s 0 reason to use xvg unless you’re 51% attacking it” –> ]

Check out this feed for all projects listed in the Equal-Weight Privacy Coin Index!