Cryptocurrency Index Tracking 6/10/2018: Who Are The Privacy Coin Winners And Losers?

The purpose of today’s article is to track the performance of the Equal-Weight Privacy Coin IndexSpecifically, I’d like to compare the index against Bitcoin, and consider who the big gainers and losers were for the period 6/04/2018 to 6/10/2018.

Here are the cryptocurrencies included in the index:

Notes: cryptocurrencies in alpha order by ticker. Privacy coin must have an active twitter page and also be listed on coinmarketcap to be included in this index.

  1. Aeon (AEON) @AeonCoin
  2. Aion (AION) @Aion_Network
  3. Anoncoin (ANC) @AnoncoinNews
  4. Boolberry (BBR) @BoolberryBBR
  5. Bytecoin (BCN) @Bytecoin_BCN
  6. Bitcoin Private (BTCP) @bitcoinprivate
  7. Bulwark (BWK) @BulwarkCoin
  8. CloakCoin (CLOAK) @CloakCoin
  9. ColossusXT (COLX) @ColossusCoinXT
  10. Crave (CRAVE) @CraveProject
  11. Dash (DASH) @Dashpay
  12. Decred (DCR) @decredproject
  13. Dero (DERO) @DeroProject
  14. DeviantCoin (DEV) @DeviantCoin
  15. Enigma (ENG) @EnigmaMPC
  16. Electroneum (ETN) @electroneum
  17. Groestlcoin (GRS) @GroestlcoinTeam
  18. Hshare (HSR) @HcashOfficial
  19. Hush (HUSH) @MyHushTeam
  20. InnovaCoin (INN) @InnovaCoin
  21. IntenseCoin (ITNS) @intensecoin
  22. Komodo (KMD) @KomodoPlatform
  23. Kore (KORE) ‎@NewKoreCoin
  24. Karbo (KRB) @krbcoin
  25. LindaCoin (LINDA) @Lindaproject
  26. LUXCoin (LUX) @LUX_COIN
  27. MaidSafeCoin (MAID) @maidsafe
  28. Masari (MSR) @masaricurrency
  29. NavCoin (NAV) ‎@NavCoin
  30. Nullex (NLX) @NulleXOfficial
  31. Obsidian (ODN) @ObsidianCrypto
  32. DeepOnion (ONION) @DeepOnionx
  33. Particl (PART) @ParticlProject
  34. Peepcoin/ DAPScoin (PCN) @DAPScoin
  35. Phore (PHR) @PhoreCrypto
  36. PIVX (PIVX) ‎@_pivx
  37. Pura (PURA) @PuraSocial
  38. Prime-XI (PXI) @OfficialPXI
  39. Safe Exchange Coin (SAFEX) @safe_exchange
  40. TokenPay (TPAY) @tokenpay
  41. TrezarCoin (TZC) ‎@TrezarCoin
  42. Vsync (VSX) 
  43. Vertcoin (VTC) @Vertcoin
  44. vTorrent (VTR) @vTorrentCrypto
  45. DigitalNote (XDN) @DigitalNoteXDN
  46. SolarisCoin (XLR) @SolarisCoin
  47. SHIELD Currency (XSH) @SHIELDcurrency
  48. ZCoin (XZC) @zcoinofficial
  49. Monero (XMR) @monerocurrency
  50. Spectrecoin (XSPEC) @XspecRising
  51. Stealth (XST)  ‎@stealthsend
  52. Zcash (ZEC) ‎@zcashco
  53. ZenCash (ZEN) @zencashofficial
  54. Zero (ZER) @ZeroCurrencies
  55. Zoin (ZOI) @zoinofficial

And here’s the spreadsheet showing index component pricing since the start of the index (5/4/2018) to today:

6/04/2018 to 6/10/2018:

As you can see, the index average was a loss of -15.71% for the period, against a loss for Bitcoin at -5.79%% over the same period.

Privacy coins continue to slide from their pump over the last couple months, with small caps leading the way… (no change from last week… the trend continues).

Food for thought: Stable Privacy Coins?

The most stable privacy coins since May 4th (meaning no gains/losses at +/- 20% for a week) include:

  1. AEON (AEON)
  3. DASH (DASH)
  4. LUXCoin (LUX)
  5. PIVX (PIVX)
  6. vTorrent (VTR)
  7. DigitalNote (XDN)
  8. Monero (XMR)

Top 5 Privacy Coin Winners: (6/4/18 to 6/10/18)

  1. Linda Coin (LINDA) +14.15%
  2. LUXCoin (LUX) +14.07%
  3. SHIELD (XSH) +9.25%
  4. PURA +3.01%
  5. Decred (DCR) +2.47%

Top 5 Privacy Coin Losers: (6/04/18 to 6/10/18)

  1. Zoin (ZOI) –79.99%
  2. DeepOnion (ONION) –35.17%
  3. DeviantCoin (DEV) –34.87%
  4. Vsync (VSX) –33.36%
  5. ZenCash –29.80%

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed.

-Crypto Hobbit