#MasternodeMeBro Tournament

The first ever #MasternodeMeBro tournament is underway!

The Crypto Hobbit partnered with Omni Analytics Group to craft an epic battle of masternode projects. The goal of this tournament is to develop an idea of cryptocurrency community sentiment regarding top masternode projects.

Choosing Fighters & Setting Matches

Recognizing that there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of masternode projects, we utilized Omni Analytics Group’s internal ranking system to find our sixty-four challengers. The competitors are organized into four groups as defined by Omni Analytics Group. These groups are based on extensive research into qualitative and quantitative measures of masternode project success. Initial match-ups within each of these four groups are determined based on market cap. We encourage you to explore Omni Analytics Group’s cryptocurrency analysis and applications.

How to Participate

Follow the schedule below and the Crypto Hobbit on Twitter for announcements on active fight cards. Fight cards will only be open for a short time, so you need to move fast. Results will be posted on this blog, so check back regularly.

Active Fight Cards

Championship Card Coming SOON:

Event Schedule

Winners in bold.

Event 1: July 3 – July 8, 2018

Card 1 (Minimize Cost)

  • SysCoin (SYS) v. Zcoin (XZC)
  • SmartCash (SMART) v. Stakenet (XSN)
  • PACcoin (PAC) v. GINCoin (GIN)
  • NeosCoin (NEOS) v. GoByte (GBX)

Card 2 (Maximize ROI)

  • Deviant (DEV) v. LightPayCoin (LPC)
  • Condominium (CDM) v. FLCoin (FLC)
  • ARKTUR (ARKT) v. High Temperature Coin (HTC)

Card 3 (Minimize Risk)

  • Dash (DASH) v. PIVX (PIVX)
  • Blocknet (BLOCK) v. ION (ION)
  • PHORE (PHR) v. Bitcoin Green (BITG)
  • ALQO (XLQ) v. MonetaryUnit (MUE)

Card 4 (Optimize Past)

  • MEDIC Coin (MEDIC) v. ColossusXT (COLX)
  • Crown (CRW) v. HexxCoin (HXX)
  • Bulwark (BWK) v. BitSend (BSD)
  • Social Send (SEND) v. Rupaya (RUPX)


Event 2: July 17 – July 22, 2018

Card 5 (Minimize Cost)

  • Dynamic (DYN) v. Stipend (SPD)
  • ZOIN (ZOI) v. Solaris (XLR)
  • TransferCoin (TX) v. Memetic (MEME)
  • Monoeci (XMCC) v. Terracoin (TRC)

Card 6 (Maximize ROI)

  • SPEDO (SPO) v. Crypto Trading Solutions (CTS)
  • EXUS Coin (EXUS) v. Lucin (LSN)
  • Xando (XDO) v. Renish (RNSH)
  • StoneCoin (STONE) v. Ketan (KETAN)

Card 7 (Minimize Risk)

  • SIBCoin (SIB) v. Polis (POLIS)
  • Aegeus (AEG) v. Galactrum (ORE)
  • Crave NG (CRAVE) v. BiblePay (BBP)
  • Shekel (JEW) v. Innova (INN)

Card 8 (Optimize Past)

  • Pure (PURE) v. Denarius (DNR)
  • Satoshicoin (SATC) v. Sucre (SUCR)
  • Harvest Coin (HC) v. Bitcoin Final (BTCF)
  • ARTAX (XAX) v. Linda Coin (LINDA)


Event 3: July 30 – August 26, 2018

Card 9 (Minimize Cost)

  • Zcoin (XZC) v. Dynamic (DYN)
  • Stakenet (XSN) v. Solaris (XLR)
  • GINCoin (GIN) v. TransferCoin (TX)
  • GoByte (GBX) v. Terracoin (TRC)

Card 10 (Maximize ROI)

  • Deviant (DEV) v. Crypto Trading Solutions (CTS)
  • Condominium (CDM) v. EXUS Coin (EXUS)
  • PIZDEC (PZDC) v. Xando (XDO)
  • ARKTUR (ARKT) v. StoneCoin (STONE)

Card 11 (Minimize Risk)

  • PIVX (PIVX) v. Polis (POLIS)
  • Blocknet (BLOCK) v. Aegeus (AEG)
  • Phore (PHR) v. Crave NG (CRAVE)
  • ALQO (XLQ) v. Shekel (JEW)

Card 12 (Optimize Past)

  • ColossusXT (COLX) v. Denarius (DNR)
  • Crown (CRW) v. Satoshicoin (SATC)
  • Bulwark (BWK) v. Harvest Coin (HC)
  • Rupaya (RUPX) v. Linda Coin (LINDA)


Event 4: August 28 – September 23, 2018

Card 13 (Minimize Cost)

  • Dynamic (DYN) v. Stakenet (XSN)
  • GINCoin (GIN) v. Terracoin (TRC)

Card 14 (Maximize ROI)

  • Deviant (DEV) v. EXUS Coin (EXUS)
  • Xando (XDO) v. StoneCoin (STONE)

Card 15 (Minimize Risk)

  • PIVX (PIVX) v. Blocknet (BLOCK)
  • Phore (PHR) v. ALQO (XLQ)

Card 16 (Optimize Past)

  • ColossusXT (COLX) v. Crown (CRW)
  • Bulwark (BWK) v. Rupaya (RUPX)


Event 5: September 25 – October 21, 2018

Card 18 (Championship Fights)

Fight 1: Minimize Cost

  • Dynamic (DYN) v. GINCoin (GIN)

Fight 2: Maximize ROI

  • Deviant (DEV) v. StoneCoin (STONE)

Fight 3: Minimize Risk

  • PIVX (PIVX) v. Phore (PHR)

Fight 4: Optimize Past

  • ColossusXT (COLX) v. Bulwark (BWK)


Grand Championship: October 23 – 28, 2018

Card 18 (Grand Champion)

  • ___ v. ___ v. ___ v. ___