#MasternodeMeBro18 Event 1 Winners

We just completed the first of six events! There are a total of 64 competitors in #MasternodeMeBro18, so this is just the beginning. Many of the fights were energetic, and this initial event exposed some strengths and weaknesses in various masternode communities. Check out the tournament announcement for details.

Event 1 Winners

Fight cards 1 – 4 included four match-ups each, for a total of 32 competitors (16 winners, 4 per category) in Event 1.

WINNERS Card 1: Minimize Cost

Zcoin (XZC)


Stakenet (XSN)




GoByte (GBX)


WINNERS Card 2: Maximize ROI

Deviant (DEV)


Condominium (CDM)






WINNERS Card 3: Minimize Risk



Blocknet (BLOCK)






WINNERS Card 4: Optimize Past

ColossusXT (COLX)


Crown (CRW)


Bulwark (BWK)


Rupaya (RUPX)


Methodology & Results

We utilized Omni Analytics Group’s internal ranking system to select the sixty-four challengers for #MasternodeMeBro18. Competitors were organized into four groups: minimize cost, maximize ROI, minimize risk, optimize past. Initial match-ups within each of these four groups was determined based on market cap. Event 1 consisted of four fight cards, one for each of the four categories, with four fights per card.

“The masternode categories represent the various selection criteria that investors may consider when researching coins. Not every strategy involves maximizing short term returns and we wanted our ranking algorithm to reflect that.”

Omni Analytics Group


A total of 981 responses were collected in Event 1 across the four separate fight cards. Over 98% of respondents reported having purchased cryptocurrency in the past. Close to 25% of respondents reported having 11 or more masternodes, while 14% said they had none.

Some fight cards appeared to generate more interest. Notably, Fight Card 4 accounted for almost 40% of all responses.

  • Card 1: 272 respondents
  • Card 2: 129 respondents
  • Card 3: 201 respondents
  • Card 4: 379 respondents

Omni Analytics Group processed the final results, with a focus on data significance.

Coming Match-Ups

Event 1 winners will battle the winners from the coordinating fight cards in Event 2.

Here are the Event 3 match-up potentials:

Card 9 Match-Ups

  • XZC to fight the winner of DYN v. SPD
  • XSN to fight the winner of ZOI v. XLR
  • GIN to fight the winner of TX v. MEME
  • GBX to fight the winner of XMCC v. TRC

Card 10 Match-Ups

  • DEV to fight the winner of SPO v. CTS
  • CDM to fight the winner of EXUS v. LSN
  • PZDC to fight the winner of XDO v. RNSH
  • ARKT to fight the winner of STONE v. KETAN

Card 11 Match-Ups

  • PIVX to fight the winner of SIB v. POLIS
  • BLOCK to fight the winner of AEG v. ORE
  • PHR to fight the winner of CRAVE v. BBP
  • XLQ to fight the winner of JEW v. INN

Card 12 Match-Ups

  • COLX to fight the winner of PURE v. DNR
  • CRW to fight the winner of SATC v. SUCR
  • BWK to fight the winner of HC v. BTCF
  • RUPX to fight the winner of XAX v. LINDA

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Special thanks to Omni Analytics Group. We encourage you to explore Omni Analytics Group’s cryptocurrency analysis and applications.