Hobbit Nodes: 10-13-2018

A mixed bag of tricks for masternodes, today, as prices continue to decline in general while coins are scooped up and masternodes brought online. From a macro perspective, it would seem that sentiment indicates a bottom or near-bottom. That said, sentiment is an indicator and not a crystal ball.

Hobbit Nodes components:

  2. $BLOCK @The_Blocknet
  3. $BWK @BulwarkCoin
  4. $COLX @ColossusCoinXT
  5. $DEV @DeviantCoin
  6. $DYN @DualityOfficial‘s @DYNpay
  7. $FOR @forcenetworkio
  8. $ION @ionomics
  9. $KLKS @kalkulus_team
  10. $NIX @NIXplatform
  11. $PHR @PhoreCrypto
  12. $RUPX @RupayaCoin
  13. $SWM @TheSwarmFund
  14. $XLR @SolarisCoin
  15. $XSN @XSNofficial
  16. $XZC @zcoinofficial

Commentary: 10-13-2018

  1. Green across the board: Bulwark, ALQO, Stakenet
  2. ALQO sees increased coin lock and masternode count from investor demand, not selling pressure, leading to an increase on CMC and masternode collateral value as well
  3. Blocknet sees some sell off as one masternode switches hands
  4. Bulwark sees six new masternodes from increased coin lock, as buyers scoop up low cost gems and selling pressure slows
  5. Colossus sees a significant sell off, as new masternodes and coins locked don’t offset declines or slow selling pressure
  6. Deviant feels no loves and reaches new 2018 lows
  7. Duality mostly flat. We’ll take it against a sea of red!
  8. ForceNet sees some action as an investor buys up one masternode against a lack of coins available
  9. Ionomy sees some selling, but also very interested buyers, as indicated by the four new masternodes and decent increase in coins locked
  10. Kalkulus sees more selling pressure, and the bottom may not yet be in
  11. NIX sees some good gains on CMC today, combined with the selling of 1 masternode. I’m expecting this masternode to come back online shortly… looks like an investor willing to pay a premium
  12. Phore mostly flat
  13. Rupaya continues to see extreme volatility in masternode count and CMC rank
  14. Swarm sees some selling into masternodes. Investors or traders taking advantage of the low prices? I’m thinking investors, as Swarm has held onto recent gains surprisingly well!
  15. Solaris sees red as recent pumps fail
  16. Stakenet has been a beast over the last 30 days, locking coins and masternodes, and not looking to slow down
  17. Zcoin follows the trend as sees some small declines


[Special thanks to @CryptoNewsPlus & @danieledibona for the imagery and development work for the Hobbit Nodes post!]