Hobbit Nodes: 10-14-2018

I’m starting to wonder if whales migrate together from masternode project to masternode project? lol. What I’m seeing today is that investors are taking a  stand on projects they believe have great opportunity for capital growth, grabbing coins at what they perceive as bargain-basement prices.

But are they correct? Have we reached a bottom?

Hobbit Nodes components:

  2. $BLOCK @The_Blocknet
  3. $BWK @BulwarkCoin
  4. $COLX @ColossusCoinXT
  5. $DEV @DeviantCoin
  6. $DYN @DualityOfficial‘s @DYNpay
  7. $FOR @forcenetworkio
  8. $ION @ionomics
  9. $KLKS @kalkulus_team
  10. $NIX @NIXplatform
  11. $PHR @PhoreCrypto
  12. $RUPX @RupayaCoin
  13. $SWM @TheSwarmFund
  14. $XLR @SolarisCoin
  15. $XSN @XSNofficial
  16. $XZC @zcoinofficial

Commentary: 10-14-2018

  1. ALQO finally starts to see some slowing as investors sell 4 masternodes, but don’t find the demand expected, dropping ALQO rank on CMC and masternode collateral value
  2. BLOCK sees 2 masternodes sell to high demand, with both increased CMC rank and masternode collateral value
  3. BULWARK green across the board! BWK passes XZC for the first time since Hobbit Nodes was started in “% locked coins.” Green across the board, Bulwark sees a BIG jump in coins locked, at over 1%, due to 36 new masternodes coming online. Low liquidity is a two-edged sword, and Bulwark sees decent gains on CMC rank and masternode collateral value as well
  4. COLX price pumps and CMC rank improves, but no new masternodes come online or coins lock. Are these swing traders or investors?
  5. DEV sees some small change to coin lock due to 4 new masternodes, but coins continue to dump into weak demand. How low can we go? New lows for 2018 seem to be found almost daily over the last week…
  6. DYN mostly flat
  7. FOR falls on super low volume, while masternodes and coin lock remain unchaged
  8. ION drops a masternode, but doesn’t see good demand, leading to a significant decline on CMC rank and masternode collateral value
  9. KLKS sees 2 new masternodes, decent coin lock, and a not-insignificant pump on CMC
  10. NIX gains sees decent coin lock and masternode count gains, while prices moves up slightly. Surrounded by coins pumping more than NIX, NIX sees a small decline on CMC rank
  11. PHR sees a small coin lock decrease due to inflation along with small gains in CMC rank and coin price.
  12. RUPX sees big moves up on CMC rank due to the buying and locking of coins, bringing 11 new masternodes into the fold.
  13. SWM sees sell off from early-month skyrocket gains
  14. XLR starts pumping today as 4 masternodes are sold into VERY willing hands. Worth noting that masternode collateral value increased against BTC
  15. XSN pauses and sees some small sell off as investors take gains
  16. XZC flat


[Special thanks to @CryptoNewsPlus & @danieledibona for the imagery and development work for the Hobbit Nodes post!]