Hobbit Nodes: 10-15-2018

Most of the coins in this index had value sucked out by BTC’s boom earlier this morning, but for at least half of the projects in Hobbit Nodes, that declining masternode collateral value fell into buying demand as shown in increased coin lock and masternode count.

The others? Not so lucky…

Hobbit Nodes components:

  2. $BLOCK @The_Blocknet
  3. $BWK @BulwarkCoin
  4. $COLX @ColossusCoinXT
  5. $DEV @DeviantCoin
  6. $DYN @DualityOfficial‘s @DYNpay
  7. $FOR @forcenetworkio
  8. $ION @ionomics
  9. $KLKS @kalkulus_team
  10. $NIX @NIXplatform
  11. $PHR @PhoreCrypto
  12. $RUPX @RupayaCoin
  13. $SWM @TheSwarmFund
  14. $XLR @SolarisCoin
  15. $XSN @XSNofficial
  16. $XZC @zcoinofficial

Commentary: 10-15-2018

  1. ALQO sees masternode value decline against BTC’s big gains this morning, while coin cost increases. Both masternode count and coins locked increased
  2. BLOCK dumps coins and masternodes … I still can’t figure this one out. Is it a small group of whales moving in and out, swing trading?
  3. Bulwark passes 1600 masternodes! Coin lock reaches 64.55% while masternode count reaches 1610
  4. Colossus mostly flat
  5. Deviant takes a smack in the face, unlocking coins and masternodes into huge selling pressure. Yes, I did buy that dip.
  6. Dynamic mostly flat against altcoin pumps, leading to a decline on CMC
  7. ForceNet sees no love, declining heavily on CMC
  8. Ionomy mostly flat
  9. Kalkulus sees some gains on coin price, but declines on CMC rank. Both coin lock and masternode count increased, leading me to believe that we could see more short term buying delight
  10. NIX sees a masternode sell into a decent price pump
  11. PHR sees coins and masternodes unlock, while masternode collateral value increases against the price of BTC
  12. Rupaya continues its volatile ways
  13. Swarm prices drop into four new masternodes and a not insignificant increase in coin lock
  14. Solaris locks five new masternodes and also sees decent coin lock gains
  15. Stakenet — GREEN across the board!
  16. Zcoin mostly flat


[Special thanks to @CryptoNewsPlus & @danieledibona for the imagery and development work for the Hobbit Nodes post!]