Hobbit Nodes: 10-20-2018

From a macro view, masternode collateral values dropped but found few buyers, leading to declines in coin lock, masternode count, and CMC rank.

Masternode Limbo? –> “… Hey, let’s do the limbo rock ; Limbo lower now; Limbo lower now”

Hobbit Nodes components:

  2. $BLOCK @The_Blocknet
  3. $BWK @BulwarkCoin
  4. $COLX @ColossusCoinXT
  5. $DEV @DeviantCoin
  6. $DYN @DualityOfficial‘s @DYNpay
  7. $FOR @forcenetworkio
  8. $ION @ionomics
  9. $KLKS @kalkulus_team
  10. $NIX @NIXplatform
  11. $PHR @PhoreCrypto
  12. $RUPX @RupayaCoin
  13. $SWM @TheSwarmFund
  14. $XLR @SolarisCoin
  15. $XSN @XSNofficial
  16. $XZC @zcoinofficial

Commentary: 10-20-2018

  1. ALQO, XLR, DYN, DEV, KLKS, PHR, SWM … pretty much red across the board.
  2. Zcoin continues to see buying interest at low prices
  3. Bulwark masternode values decline, but masternodes keep coming back online and coins keep locking, bringing the BWK coin lock % to pass ION
  4. Ionomy nearly hits a green across the board
  5. Blocknet masternode values increase while coins and masternodes unlock… this means there is buying interest
  6. Rupaya slows masternode growth and coin lock, while masternode collateral value grows
  7. ForceNet all over the place and extremely volatile. Waiting for the new code base, which is rumored to be released at the end of this year
  8. NIX finds interested buyers against a significant decline in CMC rank and masternode collateral value
  9. Stakenet sees strong sentiment and hits a green across the board
  10. Colossus sees a couple new masternodes come online, while values remain relatively flat


[Special thanks to @CryptoNewsPlus & @danieledibona for the imagery and development work for the Hobbit Nodes post!]