An Introduction To Cannabis Seed Banks

The spread in cannabis legalization has led to wildfire-like interest in cannabis producers. Far more important for the future of the cannabis industry, however, are the cannabis seed producers and seed banks.

Maintaining seed genetics is vital for the sustainability and longevity of “landrace” cannabis strains, such as Kush, that have developed in their indigenous environment over centuries and are considered pure or original sources of the plant not cross-contaminated by other breeds.

As cannabis becomes commoditized, the genetics of original strains become more important to preserve. Of course, with climate change on the increase, many landrace cannabis strains are in danger of going extinct at the same time that biodiversity is diminishing at an unprecedented rate at the ecosystem, species, and genetic levels.

Aside from crop diversity and climate change, however, there are many other reasons to store and preserve cannabis seeds, such as protection from natural and man-made disasters, supporting disease resistance, and providing seed material for research.

Introducing Royal Seed Bank

“Ours is a truly professional online seed bank with over 330 strains of some of the best weed seeds you’ve ever laid eyes on.”

Who is Royal Seed Bank?

Royal Seed Bank was created to provide a trusted list of seed bank suppliers where it’s safe to purchase online and seeds can be compared across partners.

“Protect our users” is a priority at Royal Seed Bank and we have carefully selected our 13 partners (which we plan to grow to over 20 partners in 2019). All our partners have been reviewed one by one to confirm their authenticity. We also have made test orders to confirm the quality of their seeds.

When we launched, we had only partners in European countries and our pricing was only in Euro… Now, with changes to legislation in North-America, we have signed with new partners and recently added an option to our site to show pricing in the most popular currencies to serve worldwide demands.

Our platform now serves every country, and we already have one partner that accepts payment in Bitcoin!

Beyond established industry trust and the best pricing, we have an aggressive roadmap and series of improvements coming that will make us unique in the industry and encourage our visitors to use us as a reference in researching cannabis seeds.

How has legalization helped sales?

There is currently huge adoption in North America for cannabis. We started recently to receive more requests from authorized producers in Canada and United-States for wholesale orders. We may in the future adapt to this type of request and make a special agreement with breeders to serve the legal industry of cannabis in those countries.

The legalization in many USA states and Canada has its advantages, of course, but we are still receiving many requests from other countries where cannabis is not yet legal, such as the United-Kingdom and Poland.

I noticed a great number of autoflowering strains in the Royal Seed Bank catalogue. In the past, ruderalis-crosses were dismissed as lacking in potency. Has that changed?

The auto-flowering genetics are our best sellers and are quite potent. They can be harvested in only 8 weeks from start to finish and take 5x less space than a regular or feminized genetics. Feminized seeds still win win when it comes to growing outdoors, though.

I must say that regular seeds have lost a lot of popularity over time.

What are considered the most potent indica, sativa, hybrid and CBD-focused strains offered by Royal Seed Bank?