Is Beaxy A Scam?

There is little wonder that successful marketing campaigns such as Beaxy’s viral Referral Program would cause the project to be viewed with scepticism and even denounced as a scam. Crypto is, by and large, anti-promotional. Without a doubt, the heavy-handed “marketing” pushed by startups in 2017 left a bad taste for aggressive marketing campaigns.

Despite this, Beaxy has successfully created huge social buzz through its marketing campaign, taking CryptoTwitter by surprise and making an indelible impression. But is there actual substance backing this project?

Certainly, existing crypto exchanges are due for a wake-up call: service is notoriously terrible for both users and projects, fake-volume and wash trading are rampant and even supported by most existing exchanges and there is a total lack of transparency, especially in terms of listings fees and requirements. I do believe Beaxy will be a disruptive force for positive change in crypto infrastructure, and appreciate that the exchange is focused not only on traders, but on investors as well.

I’ve aggregated some notes on Beaxy’s features in the hopes of clearing up misconceptions as to the purpose and legitimacy of this exchange.

The 10 Beaxy Exchange features I most look forward to are:

  1. The Beaxy Exchange platform was built in-house on technology proven in the stock market, used by both Bloomberg and Scottrade for high throughput, and designed to support hundreds of thousands of trades per second with less than a millisecond of latency – transactions scale infinitely off of trading pairs. One pair – 225,000 tx/s… 100 pairs = 22.5 M tx/s.
  2. Exclusive Partnership with One Tick market data: “We wanted to increase the sophistication level of our analysis and approach. OneTick enabled us to deliver a premiere exchange platform, the likes of which the cryptocurrency market has not yet seen.” – Artak Hamazaspyan, Beaxy’s Co-founder and CEO.
  3. Four layers of security architecture.
  4. Hot and Cold Wallets.
  5. Tradingview charting integrated directly into exchange. Whatever you can do with Tradingview you can do on Beaxy.
  6. Multiple Wallets Per Coin allowing for low, medium, and high risk portfolios.
  7. Beaxy will offer smart features for investors which include: detailed graphs, portfolio management tools, and price alerts.
  8. Beaxy will curate articles, video tutorials, and other helpful information: “It is our mission to provide an abundance of tools, news articles, tutorials, and financial services to assist all users – from total novice to expert trader – in making informed decisions in this rapidly changing environment.”
  9. Fiat Trading Pairs with instant FIAT Deposit.
  10. Loyalty Rewards and Staking Programs.

Of course, if you still have questions about the project, please reach out and request a demo, follow the conversation on Twitter, and participate in the launch. If you haven’t registered for Beaxy’s launch in January, there’s still time to earn your early-bird bonus.

Not only that, but I’m giving away $1000 to ONE lucky person as a reward for helping my team win the Beaxy Referral Contest. All you have to do is use my referral link and complete the KYC to become eligible!

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