Alternative Investments

What are alternative investments?

  • There’s a debate over what is and is not an alternative investment
  • For example, REITs are often considered alternative investments, but are included in the S&P 500, so how alternative are they really?

I like to use the CAIA Association’s definition of alternative investments by inclusion:

  • Real Assets: natural resources, commodities, real estate “REITs”, infrastructure, and intellectual property
  • Hedge Funds: global macro, managed futures, event-driven, relative value, equity hedge, market neutral, arbitrage, and fund of funds
  • Private Equity: venture capital, buyouts, mezzanine debt, distressed debt
  • Structured Products: CDO structuring, equity-linked structured products, and credit derivatives

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9134873452_5ffd5c77dc_bMarijuana Stocks: Puff, Puff, Pass? (Part 4) Why Invest?

Continuing our Marijuana Stocks research. With Presidential Election 2016 right around the corner, I thought this a good time to:

  • Review the issues around pot stocks
  • Explore upside and downside risks
  • Identify investment opportunities

Risky, Risky, Risky… so why invest in Marijuana stocks?


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