Alternative Investment News Feeds

  • My Alternative Investment news feeds cover a huge range of investments and asset types. Why?
  • Because the phrase “alternative investment” is ten miles long
  • I exclude commodities here because they are covered on their own page in my website

But, to sum, I post on the following alt investment related hashtags:

Different people define ‘different’ investments differently…

My favorite news pieces and content on alternative investments with a focus on hedge funds, liquid alts, venture capital, fintech, and REITs.

Check out my favorite liquid alts: market neutral $VMNFX, long/short equity $LLSOX, and absolute return $MASNX. Full disclosure, I invest in these funds.

Featured Raw News Feed

What are #alternativeinvestments? There’s a debate over what is and is not an alternative investment. For example, REITs are often considered alternative investments, but are included in the S&P 500 to some degree, so how alternative are they really? I like to use the CAIA Association’s definition of alternative investments by inclusion:

  • Real Assets: natural resources, commodities, real estate “REITs”, infrastructure, and intellectual property
  • Hedge Funds: global macro, managed futures, event-driven, relative value, equity hedge, market neutral, arbitrage, and fund of funds
  • Private Equity: venture capital, buyouts, mezzanine debt, distressed debt
  • Structured Products: CDO structuring, equity-linked structured products, and credit derivatives

Check out this #alternativeinvestments feed for a diverse assortment of news and commentary.

Curated Twitter Lists

These are my alternative investment resource lists covering day trading, private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, and real assets.

Day Trading Resources

Day trading is included here as a resource for producing alternative income. I primarily focus on futures with an emphasis on grains and precious metals. As technology improves, day trading opportunities become more accessible to the average Joe.

Private Equity Resources

The primary purpose of private equity in my portfolio is to minimize market movement and produce regular income. My favorite private equity investments are non-traded REITs and non-trade business development companies (BDCs).

Venture Capital Resources

I focus primarily on fintech and tech startups. Who will be the next Unicorn?

Hedge Funds & Strategies

What are liquid alts? Retail investors have the opportunity to invest in hedge fund strategies, retain liquidity, and pay less in fees. Liquid alts are a hot topic right now and with current market volatility, expect them to get hotter.

Real Assets

The major question with real assets is “how liquid are they?” So, avoid liquidity issues by buying real assets that you can enjoy every day. Case in point: my favorite real assets (collectibles) are comic books which I can proudly display as pieces of artwork on my walls. My wife loves this.

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Resources

With the debate over whether Bitcoin is a currency or a commodity still raging, there aren’t many clearly defined options for investing directly in Bitcoin.

$COIN is a “soon to be released” non-diversified ETF that invests only in Bitcoin. Another option is the innovation and disruption ETF $ARKW which holds some Bitcoins in its portfolio. Otherwise, just go buy Bitcoins and avoid the management fee, or check out the mobile payments ETF $IPAY.

Currency & Forex Resources

While I don’t personally invest in currencies, I do recognize the value of currencies for a diversified portfolio. The “Currency Wars” have been a dominating geopolitical force since 2015, creating volatility that many traders have tried to capitalize on.

Check out the following tickers for currency-specific ETFs: $FXA, $FXB, $FXC, $FXE, $FXY, and $UUP.

Alternative Investment Industry Event Resources