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As an Alternative Investment Explorer, I follow and post on many different themes in the area of Emerging / Frontier Markets.

  • From a Global Macro standpoint we simply cannot avoid discussing the Emerging Markets
  • The impact the emerging economies have now and will have in the future on our global economy must be considered in our investment decisions. #China
  • Seriously… I started out on twitter researching global macro topics, which lead to commodities, which lead to China, which lead to Africa… and so on
  • That’s why my investment thesis developed into a Global Macro perspective… one topic lead to the next and the research never stopped

Questions lead to more questions, and knowing what you don’t know leads to more knowing.

lithium2Featured Blog Post

#Lithium #Juniors: Profiling International Lithium Corp (Part 3) South America Mining Operations

As we discussed in previous posts, I’m profiling #International Lithium as a result of our research into the #Lithium space.

We’ve been looking to find a #Lithium-focused #miner who

  • Has diversified #Lithium resources: #brine and #pegmatite
  • Has a first mover advantage
  • Has advanced #mining projects
  • Has a strategic advantage

Having passed our tests so far, we continue our research of #InternationalLithium by diving into $ILC.V #mining projects. READ MORE…

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