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Check out the @BColwell_EMGMKT Twitter feed for my favorite news and content from developing nations. Special focus on Asia and Africa.

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#Africa: home of the most hopeful people on the planet. Not only is Africa the birthplace of civilization, but in many ways continues to fuel the growth of humanity. As a #FrontierMarket, Africa has far to go before it can have a role in major #CapitalMarkets.  Nevertheless, Africa has a wealth of resources that more developed countries are now looking at with the Eye of Sauron.

Check out this broad #Africa news feed for tweets on everything from industry to culture.

Curated Twitter Lists

These are my emerging and frontier market resource lists. Special focus on investment opportunities. Check out $HLMOX and $BLSAX as examples of diversified funds in these markets. Full disclosure, I invest in these…

Africa Emerging Market Resources

Due to it’s status as a frontier market, investing in most African countries is not an option. However, there are several choices including: Africa $AFK, Nigeria $NGE, Egypt $EGPT, South Africa $EZA, and “GAfrica” $GAF.

Asia Emerging Market Resources

While there are many great ETF choices for investment in Asia, I typically do not focus on Central Asian countries such as Mongolia and Kazakhstan.

Options include: Emerging Asia $GMF, China $FXI, India $INDA, Southeast Asia $AXJL, Vietnam $VNM, Malaysia $EWM, Indonesia $EIDO, Philippines $EPHE, Thailand $THD, South Korea $EWY, Taiwan $EWT, Singapore $EWS, and Hong Kong $FHK.

Europe Emerging Market Resources

The Eastern European countries ($GUR) with most investment opportunity include: Russia $RSX, Turkey $TUR, and Poland $EPOL.

Latin American Emerging Market Resources

Brazil’s fall from grace, Mexico’s rise, the worst inflation on the planet, and the cartels… yep, that’s the Latin American investing environment.

Investment options include: Latin America $ILF, Brazil $EWZ, Mexico $EWW, Chile $ECH, Peru $EPU, Colombia $GXG, Argentina $ARGT, and Cuba $CUBA.

Middle East Emerging Market Resources

Many look to Qatar and Pakistan as huge growth opportunities over the next ten years. Also, many are unaware that Israel has a venture capital market second only to the Silicon Valley.

From high tech hubs to abundant natural resources, the Middle East – for sure – offers some great investment opportunities. But with massive geopolitical issues, I’d tread lightly here.

Investment opportunities include: Middle East $GULF, Israel $EIS, Qatar $QAT, United Arab Emirates $UAE, Pakistan $PAK, and Saudi Arabia $KSA.

But what about Iran? No ETF yet, stay tuned.