Commodities are my JAM!

  • I’ve always loved digging for stuff… from gardening to mining, agriculture to metals, commodities are super cool
  • For me, investing in mining and metals commodities feels a bit like being an archaeologist, or at least an “armchair archaeologist”
  • And anyway, you DO have to dig through research to make good commodities investment decisions
  • Don’t like gold ’cause it has no intrinsic value and doesn’t produce income? BAM! Buy a Gold miner and let them do the work for you
  • Like oil but don’t know how to play it? SHAZAM! Managed Futures are here to save the day
  • From paper commodities to physical commodities, rail, shipping, storage, and trading… commodities are an entire world to themselves…

Tread lightly, and often…

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copperyo#Glencore: A GlobalMacro and #4IR Investment Thesis

With the rise in renewables and lithium battery storage, investors are looking for plays in the green energy metals market.

Many now seek risky investments in junior miners in commodities such as #lithium, #cobalt, #graphite, #vanadium, and other rare earth minerals.

But lots of hype surrounds most of these #junior #mining #stocks, as many have seen huge run-ups in the last year.


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