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My favorite news pieces and content on commodities, currencies, and global macroeconomics. Special focus on precious metals, renewables, clean tech, and opportunities in managed futures.

Check out $ABYAX as an example of a diversified, multi-manager, managed futures fund. I think they are up to nine sub-advisors now… Full disclosure, I invest in this fund.

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I chose to feature Gold in my raw news feed because it’s SO HOT right now.

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Clean & Alternative Energy Resources

The focus of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is renewable clean tech. Solar power $TAN, wind power $FAN, nuclear power $NLR, lithium $LIT, and alternative energy $GEX are some of the many investment options.

Agricultural Commodity Resources

I like to focus on agricultural managed futures, especially wheat and soybean.

However, there are many ETF investment options in this commodities market, including: agriculture $DIRT, corn $CORN, wheat $WEAT, soybean $SOYB, sugar $CANE, coffee $JO, cocoa $NIB, cotton $BAL, and livestock $COW.

Base Metal Resources

How many base metals can you name? Ready, go…


No, gold is not a base metal. The base metals are copper, nickel, lead, aluminum, and tin. Although not a base metal, I also included steel in this news feed.

Investment options in this commodities market include: base metals $DBB, copper $CUPM, nickel $JJN, lead $LEDD, aluminum $JJU, and tin $JJT.

Oil & Energy Resources

This feed includes traditional energy sources such as natural gas, oil, and that dirty, dirty coal.

Investment options include: energy $XLE, natural gas $GAZ, oil $OIL, and coal $KOL.

Precious Metal Resources

A top performing asset class of 2016, the precious metals are gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. My primary focus is on gold and gold futures. Gold ETF options include both “paper gold” and “physical gold” investments.

But what about the miners? Precious metals miners are a leveraged play on the metal, so are super-duper volatile. As such, my precious metals miner investing is relegated to retirement accounts.

Investment opportunities are: precious metals $GLTR, paper gold $GLD, physical gold $PHYS, paper silver $SLV, physical silver $PSLV, physical platinum $PPLT, and physical palladium $PALL.