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Fall 2017

#imperablefeminine (work in progress) orders, impositions, imperatives that the language of the media and everyone imposes on women

“I invented this hashtag in 2012. with the passage of time and wandering on the net I started to pick up some reflections on the #imperativofemminile

Claudia Dani
Translated from Italian

OmiseGo: Unbanking the Banked with Ethereum Gamification

Original blog post translated into German and narated via YouTube.

Summer 2017

The Innovation Show: Episode 37 Future Dystopia

“Alternative Investment Explorer, AI and Agtech futurist Brian D Colwell joins us for a chat about the future of work, AI, economic singularity, his investment trend suggestions and much more.”

Aidan McCullen:


Phoenix Tech Podcast: Episode 10 AI & Industry 4.0

“In this episode we chat with Brian D. Colwell about AI and the 4th Industrial Revolution. Listen in as we discuss robots, disruption, dystopias and more!”

Kate Dubinko:

The cognitive impact on technology: An investor’s viewpoint

“How does the smart money view AI and machine learning in these environments? For one perspective, we spoke with Brian Colwell, a well-known influencer researching alternative and technology investments. Colwell writes about disruptions and innovations in a world of emerging technologies, and he spoke with us about advanced ways in which cognitive approaches are being integrated with mainframe and other environments.”


Biotechnology timeline: Humans have manipulated genes since the ‘dawn of civilization’

“A version of this article was originally published on Brian Colwell’s website as “A Giant-Sized History of Biotechnology” and has been republished here with permission from the author. Brian Colwell is a technology futurist with an investment thesis focused on disruptions in this next Industrial revolution. His research areas include agricultural, biotechnology and  artificial intelligence.”

Genetic Literacy Project:

Brian D. Colwell: On Art, Disruption and The Internet of Things

“What does our IoT future look like? Brian D. Colwell finds some clues in, a powerful gallery control system that’s modular, distributed .. and disruptive.”


A Giant-Sized History of Bitcoin: 148 Things You Maybe Didn’t Know

“Unstructured simplicity is a good term to describe Bitcoin. But the history of Bitcoin is anything but. That’s why I’ve come up with the following list of 147 Bitcoin facts and developments. My list starts now and goes back to its very beginning — which also happens to be the beginning of the end for fiat currency.”


A Giant-Sized Collection of Space Facts: 104 Things You Maybe Didn’t Know

“Here’s the latest in Brian D. Colwell’s giant-sized series. This time, it’s a huge collection of space and physics facts. Enjoy.”

aNewDomain: Space Facts