Case Studies

Walsh Trading

Walsh Trading came to me for help promoting their content. They were spending time every day creating podcasts, blogs, asset management updates, and more… BUT: they were NOT promoting their content on social channels. I suggested a complete social media make-over and platform buildout. I focused on Twitter for SEO influence and LinkedIn to connect with energy and agricultural producers, which serve as the primary clients for Walsh (which is a commodities risk management and futures trading firm).

What follows is the actual presentation of findings I made to the executive team at Walsh Trading. Great slideshare, lots of data analytics and ideas for how to gain social media influencer status:

Mining Company Social Media Strategy

Below is a slideshare related to social media work I did for Kirill Klip of International Lithium, a Lithium mining junior with great prospects. Any sensitive material has been removed and/or modified, so this content serves as a great base for ANY green energy company to get started in gaining social media authority and influence. Companies involved in the following may be interested in this presentation and have further questions: lithium, cobalt, graphite, solar, wind energy, ethane, biomass, and any other alternative energy!

Alternative Investment Social Media Strategy

Here’s a presentation for Anthony Scaramucci of Skybridge Capital, a FoF Hedge Fund that runs the SALT Hedge Fund Conference every year. I helped promote the SALT 2016 event, connecting with attendees and aiding in their experience via active Twitter management. From there, I suggested some areas Skybridge could have a MAJOR impact in developing their own social media platform and “#hashtag real estate.”

3.6 Million Twitter Impressions Per Month: 3-Month Case Study

This is my very FIRST research report on social media. I analyzed my own social platform and used the following content as a key element for my resume in acquiring my first clients. The rest is history…