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How to Grow a Niche Market Social Media Community


Social GrowthTwitter has the potential to be a fantastic investment news source. The timely nature of this social network and depth of instantly accessible information from around the world is staggering.

However, I am specifically interested in alternative investments such as venture capital, private equity, frontier markets, global macro, and hedge funds. Valuable information in these areas is scattered and difficult to locate…littered with sales junk, biased opinions, and spam.

I was searching for reputable sources who produced regular content, but came up short. That’s when I knew I had a problem: there was very little social media community for this niche. And of those financial services firms and executives on social media; some try, most fail, not really grasping the full potential of social media engagement. Many struggle with attaching value to social media activity. By not engaging in the conversation, they create a black hole where great information should exist.


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