Technology Innovation Watch List

My current tech innovation portfolio includes 9 companies:

  • Activision (mobile gaming, social mobile gaming)
  • Amazon (ecommerce, drones, iot, ai, robotics… Amazon is the KING of disruption)
  • Google (according to numerous polls I’ve run on Twitter, Google is YOUR top pick for Artificial Intelligence company)
  • IBM (here is MY top pick for tech innovation: not only do we get Watson and deep learning innovation, but IBM is investing HEAVILY in Blockchain)
  • Intel (another large-cap tech company in the midst of transformation as we enter #4IR. Awesome prospects for commercial drones and big data deployment… a long-term play with dividends to encourage the hold)
  • Microsoft (a darling of the Cloud, Microsoft has succeeded in transforming itself from a lame old-tech giant to a lean-mean “modern” tech company with lots more room for growth)
  • Schwab (Fintech innovation here: without the internet, Schwab could not exist. Watch earnings explode as confidence in the market grows, confidence in financial planners diminishes, and investors look to the robo-advisors)
  • Splunk (WTF is a “Splunk?” A great big data play, look to Splunk to continue to widen its “moat”)
  • Twitter (everyone hates Twitter, but fails to realize that if they use Google, they’re using Twitter. Twitter IS the news. LONG Twitter)

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