Investing in the Fourth Industrial Revolution:
Where Tech Innovation Yields Industrial Disruption…

In a recent interview I was asked, “What do I call myself?”

Am I a Futurist? A Social Influencer? An Agricultural and Mining Economist?

No… I’m the #Cyborg #Enigma – with an investment thesis focused on disruptions in this next Industrial Revolution, my research areas span a range of topics including Fintech, Agtech, Biotech, Medtech, IOT, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Drones, Cryptocurrencies, Cyber Security, Cannabis, Aerospace, Energy Metals (such as Lithium and Uranium) and more… but always with a focus on investment. How can I allocate capital to take ADVANTAGE of the disruptions that are sure to come?

Brian is a product of Fintech disruption in this new era, Industry 4.0, having been forced to re-skill in advance of the AI and automation apocalypse he saw coming to financial services years in advance of the current wave of Fintech investment. With a background in financial services sales and marketing, it made sense for Brian to be drawn to cryptocurrencies in general and ICOs in particular.  

In staying ahead of the Robots, this is what’s on my mind right now…

Can Blockchain Disrupt The Programmatic Advertising Duopoly Of Google & Facebook?

“There can be no arguing that the Blockchain is a disruptive technology. Banks, corporations, and even governments are all-in on Blockchain technology, and the use-cases go far beyond Bitcoin. The amazing thing about Blockchain is that it eliminates the need for a central authority to verify both trust AND the transfer of value. Blockchains transfer power and control from large entities (centralized) to the many (decentralized), enabling safer, faster, and cheaper transactions than traditional transactional systems…” Read More

What else is new?

[updated 9/12/2017]

Hey! By popular demand, I’ve added a page to my website on Bitcoin Basics. If you’re a trader, or already understand what a Bitcoin is and how it works, then this page isn’t for you… oh, and you’re probably not from the U.S., lol. Check out the page here: Bitcoin Basics.

The TokenStub ICO has been paused for a few months in light of recent ICO challenges from China and Korea. I’m VERY glad this is the case. Now, rather than pushing the investment potential of an ICO, I can promote TokenStub’s disruptive business model and technology. Check out the awesome Twitter feed from TokenStub! Of course, I’m biased as I manage it, LOL. The ICO pause also gives more time for the wallet and tech to be developed, so look forward to announcements in that areas as well. Chat soon!

Research Areas

Fourth Industrial Revolution investing, with a focus on technology innovation and industrial disruption.