Investing in the Fourth Industrial Revolution:
Where Tech Innovation Yields Industrial Disruption…

In a recent interview I was asked, “What do I call myself?”

Am I a Futurist? A Social Influencer? An Agricultural and Mining Economist?

No… I’m the #Cyborg #Enigma – with an investment thesis focused on disruptions in this next Industrial Revolution, my research areas span a range of topics including Fintech, Agtech, Biotech, Medtech, IOT, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Drones, Cryptocurrencies, Cyber Security, Cannabis, Aerospace, Energy Metals (such as Lithium and Uranium) and more… but always with a focus on investment. How can I allocate capital to take ADVANTAGE of the disruptions that are sure to come?

Brian is a product of Fintech disruption in this new era, Industry 4.0, having been forced to re-skill in advance of the AI and automation apocalypse he saw coming to financial services years in advance of the current wave of Fintech investment. With a background in financial services sales and marketing, it made sense for Brian to be drawn to cryptocurrencies in general and ICOs in particular.  

In staying ahead of the Robots, this is what’s on my mind right now…

Crypto Asset Fund, LLC: Putting the Cool Back in Hedge Funds

“We can’t avoid talking about crypto currencies if we’re talking about investing. That’s just the truth in this new Industrial Revolution. Digital currencies represent a new asset class for investors to consider for portfolio diversification, but, more importantly, cryptos give investors an anti-government alternative to the much-manipulated and more traditional investment safe havens, including precious metals and “safe haven” currencies such as the Yen and the USD. Let’s face it… fiat sucks. Historically, the value of every fiat currency returns to its true value: zero.” Read More

What else is new?

Hey all! Just a quick update after a very exciting week.

I’ve started working with Crypto Asset Management, LLC, a hedge fund focused on finding alpha in the crypto space and ICO investing. In addition, this hedge fund has the ONLY index that represent the crypto space: a dynamic top 30 index against which they track their active fund. Watch this firm, because it has BIG plans for blowing the doors off HOW to invest in cryptocurrencies, from PE to lending to Bitcoin denominated accounts. I can’t talk too much about it now, but this company is developing IP for the crypto community that will change crypto investing forever. This is a BIG deal, and I’m excited to be involved.

Research Areas

Fourth Industrial Revolution investing, with a focus on technology innovation and industrial disruption.