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Investing in the Fourth Industrial Revolution:
Where Tech Innovation Yields Industrial Disruption…

In a recent interview I was asked, “What do I call myself?”

Am I a Futurist? A Social Influencer? An Agricultural and Mining Economist?

No… I’m the #Cyborg #Enigma – with an investment thesis focused on disruptions in this next Industrial Revolution, my research areas span a range of topics including Fintech, Agtech, Biotech, Medtech, IOT, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Drones, Cryptocurrencies, Cyber Security, Cannabis, Aerospace, Energy Metals (such as Lithium and Uranium) and more… but always with a focus on investment. How can I allocate capital to take ADVANTAGE of the disruptions that are sure to come?

In staying ahead of the Robots, this is what’s on my mind right now…

Nodel: Art Meets The Internet of Things

“I’ve always been an art lover and fancied myself quite the comic book artist back in the day; I spent many of my college days exploring Classical Archaeology, Ancient Numismatics, and Egyptian Ushabtis, and saw myself one day working in museums with precious works of art and ancient artifacts (until I realized I needed a PhD… ouch). In fact, one of my favorite experiences is exploring new museums in new places.

On the other side of my brain exists a passion for science and tech of all kinds, which gives way to thoughts of our connected future in this Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Combining my love of museums and my passion for IOT technologies, Nodel enters the picture set on enhancing museum productivity and connectivity via device control, monitoring, and automation.” Read More

Research Areas

Fourth Industrial Revolution investing, with a focus on technology innovation and industrial disruption.